Jello watermellon

Cut up and empty a watermellon.

Pour red jelly into the watermellon.

TIPS "have some chocolate chips in as the seeds.

Leave the mellon in the fridge to dry.

Scary halloween eyes

Take an old toilet paper roll and cut out some creepy eyes.

 Then, take some glow sticks inside.

Close the ends and then hide it slightly inside a bush or something. 

Good luck with the scaring!!!!!!

Tiny Fruit Garland

Skriv inn undertittel her

Cut colored paper into small circles and draw details of the fruits you want.

 Then you fold the circles in half and glue them to a fine thread and hang it on the wall.

 Hope you enjoy the fresh Diy ". 

Spooky Bat Lamp

Skriv inn undertittel her

Cut out bats on a black sheet. 

Attach the bats on the back of a lamp Turn on the light and you are ready for a Halloween party. 

TIP: Take some fake cobwebs on the outside to a scarier version.