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the things that all the three milkshakes need is: a lot of vanilla ice cream and a little milk. 

flavors: oreo, strawberry, snickers 

the flavors "s little twist  

Skriv inn undertittel her


super easy

You will need: pizza dough, cheese chunks, basil, tomatoes and a little pizza sauce.

Divide the dough into rectangles and add tomato and cheese and basil on top and fold it together.

Pizza sauce used to dip them in.

pretzel pumpkins

Skriv inn undertittel her

You need: orange candy melts, pretzels and green M and M "s.

Melt a little orange candy melts and pour over the salt rod pretzels.

Then simply insert the green M and M "s on top of the pastry.

Enjoy the food!!!!!

TIP: perfect for Halloween.

Polar Bear Paw Cupcakes

Skriv inn undertittel her

Make cupcakes and put white icing on it.

Take on an oreo and four brown M and M "s or similar.

So absolutely final dip the cupcakes in a bowl full of coconut flakes.